Cadillac Announces V2V Safety Tech

Cadillac XT5 V2V Safety Tech

The frequency with which the vehicles will be able to communicate will be on a 5.9 GHz spectrum band, a channel approved by the Federal Communications Commission specifically for the use in automobiles. This allows for the vehicles to create an “ad hoc wireless network” which allows for the sharing of date between them without the need for satellites, cellular coverage, or good weather. Matthew Kirsch, the lead engineering group manager for automated driving and active safety, stated “[the vehicle] is sending out basic information that allows other CTS vehicles nearby to see each other, even if they’re not in the line of sight … [and] alerts the driver in advance of the hazard and gives the driver time to avoid by changing lanes or applying the brakes.”

It is uncertain as to whether or not this technology will take off or flop, however, the move towards making our roads safer for everyone is a positive one, even if it is just making room so that automakers can have the conversation about what is needed to be done.

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